Geoportal SDK 2D/3D API Reference


Geoportal SDK API Reference

The Geoportal SDK (Software Developement Kit) is an integrated javascript API that allows web application developpers to easyly integrate dynamic geoportal based maps on a web page.

It is a wrapper over the following libraries :

Basic usage

Create a Map and attach it to your web page with the Gp.Map.load() function. It returns a Gp.Map object which provides methods to interact with the created map.

Example :

var map =
    "mapDiv",                     // html element id  where to attach the map
    {                             // mapOptions
        apiKey : "YOUR_API_KEY",  // geoportal access key
        viewMode : "3d",          // "2d" by default.
        center : {                // -> map center params
            location : "73 avenue de Paris, Saint-Mandé"
        zoom : 16,                // -> zoom level
        layersOptions : {         // -> map layers params
) ;


Geoportal SDK provides a simple Application Programmation Interface that allows developers to create a map with the following possibilities :

Map and view positionning (center, orientation and zoom).

See Gp.MapOptions properties : center, azimuth, zoom, ... and Gp.Map dedicated methods : Gp.Map.setCenter(), Gp.Map.setAzimuth(), Gp.Map.setZoom(), ...

Map composition (layers composition and markers positioning)

See Gp.MapOptions properties : layerOptions and markerOptions and Gp.Map dedicated methods : Gp.Map.addLayers(), Gp.Map.modifyLayers(), Gp.Map.removeLayers(), ...

See Gp.LayerOptions to have a overview of layer types availables.

Providing various interaction tools for end users

See Gp.MapOptions property : controlsOptions and Gp.Map dedicated methods : Gp.Map.addControls(), Gp.Map.modifyControls(), Gp.Map.removeControls(), ...

See Gp.ControlOptions to have a list of tools availables.

Being able to react to end users interactions with the map.

See Gp.MapOptions property : mapEventsOptions and Gp.Map dedicated methods : Gp.Map.listen(), Gp.Map.forget().

Advanced Functionalities

If you want more functionalities, you will then have to use those offered by :

Also note that the Geoportal Access library API is also available with the Geoportal SDK.