Geoportal Extension for Itowns API Reference

Class: VectorTileLayer


Geoportal VT source creation

new VectorTileLayer(options)

Itowns/Layer/VectorTileLayer.js, line 33
Name Type Description
options Object

options for function call.

Name Type Description
id String

id to give to the layer

layer String

Layer name (e.g. "PLAN.IGN")

url String optional

Url to the vector Tile json style

urlService String optional

Url to the pbf file. Retrieved in the style file by default.

filter function optional

Filter applied to the vector layer style. Fill/Line layer type by default.

attributions Object optional

Attributions of the layer.

zoom Object optional

Between which zoom levels the layer is displayed (zoom.min and zoom.max)

var vectorTileLayer = new itowns.layer.VectorTileLayer({
     layer : "PLAN.IGN"