Geoportal Extension for Itowns API Reference

Class: MiniGlobe


Control to display the MiniGlobe with itowns

new MiniGlobe(options)

Itowns/Controls/MiniGlobe.js, line 20
Name Type Description
options Object optional

control options

Name Type Description
layer Object optional

custom itowns layer to display on the mini globe

var miniglobe = new itowns.control.MiniGlobe();



inherited getElement(){HTMLElement}

Itowns/Controls/Widget.js, line 55

Return the widget's container element.

container element.

inherited getGlobe(){Object}

Itowns/Controls/Widget.js, line 115

Get the globe associated with the widget. Undefined if the widget is not added to a globe.

inherited getOptions(){Object}

Itowns/Controls/Widget.js, line 135

Get the options associated with the widget.

inherited getPosition(){String}

Itowns/Controls/Widget.js, line 105

Return the widget's element position.

element position.

inherited getTarget(){HTMLElement}

Itowns/Controls/Widget.js, line 85

Return the widget's target div.

target div.


Itowns/Controls/MiniGlobe.js, line 70

Bind globe to control

Name Type Description
globe GlobeViewExtended

the globe

inherited setOptions(options)

Itowns/Controls/Widget.js, line 145

Set the options of the control

Name Type Description
options Object

Options to associate to the widget.

inherited setTarget(target, position)

Itowns/Controls/Widget.js, line 66

Associates the widget to a specified target div.

Name Type Description
target HTMLElement | String

widget target div html element or target div id.

position String

html position attribute.