Geoportal Resources Access API Reference

Namespace: RouteInstruction



Single Route Instruction object.

Name Type Description
code String

Instruction code :

  • "F" : Straight forward
  • "B" : U-turn
  • "L" : turn left
  • "R" : turn right
  • "BL" : turn left strongly
  • "BR" : turn right strongly
  • "FL" : turn lightly to the left
  • "FR" : turn lightly to the right
  • "round_about_entry" : round about entry
  • "round_about_exit" : round about exit
instruction String

Instruction text : translated code + street name

geometry Object

Geometry (expressed in GeoJSON) of the street.

distance Float

Length of the instruction. Expressed in km or m, depending on distanceUnit parameter.

duration Float

Instruction duration in seconds.