CartAGen is a plugin for GeOxygene dedicated to cartographic generalisation maintained by COGIT research team from IGN France, the French national mapping agency. CartAGen is a research platform and is mainly focused on map generalization research needs.


CartAGen is a Java research platform dedicated to map generalization and built upon many years of research at IGN France. CartAGen can be seen as a plugin for GeOxygene Java platform or as a standalone platform. It contains implementations of many generalization algorithms of the literature, but most of all, it contains implementations of several map generalization processes that automatically orchestrate these algorithms, including complete or partial implementations of the multi-agents based AGENT, CartACom, GAEL, and CollaGen models.

AGENT generalization of a small town to 1:60k:

AGENT generalization of a small town to 1:50k

AGENT mountain road generalization (DuchĂȘne 2014):

AGENT mountain road generalization

CartACom generalization to 1:50k (DuchĂȘne et al. 2012):

CartACom generalization to 1:50k

Getting Started

Watch videos

These videos show past results of the IGN generalization models that are not reproducible with CartAGen yet.

GAEL relief generalization Gaffuri, J. (2007, September). Field deformation in an agent-based generalisation model: the GAEL model. In F. Probst and C. Kessler (Eds.), GI-days 2007 - young researches forum, Volume 30 of IFGI prints, pp. 1-24

AGENT mountain road generalization DuchĂȘne, C. (2001, April). Road generalisation using agents. In G. Higgs and D. B. Kidner (Eds.), Proceedings of the GIS Research UK 9th Annual Conference, Glamorgan, UK. Wales Debating Federation/University of Glamorgan.


Examples of results obtained with CartAGen platform

On-Going Projects

On-going research projects on CartAGen platform

Implemented generalization algorithms

A list, not exhaustive yet, of the generalization algorithms available in CartAGen platform