GeOxygene releases

The current development version is GeOxygene-1.9-SNAPSHOT. The latest stable release is GeOxygene 1.8.

Releases can be obtained from the GitHub releases . Snapshots and releases are also available from the COGIT repositories.

History of Changes

Version 1.8 (2016/10/11)

  • Last version using java 7

  • Line morphing algorithms in cartagen plugin

  • Functionalities to analyse the OSM contributors of a loaded OSM file

  • API loaders for Twitter, Foursquare, Panoramio and FlickR data

  • Expressive rendering tools and extension of the OGC specifications SLD and SE coming from the MapStyle project in the OpenGL rendering engine.
    • Added linear stylisation to Line Symbolizer through the SE extension <ExpressiveStroke>.
    • Added patch-fill rendering to Polygon Symbolizer, with graph-cut or alpha blending through the SE extension <ExpressiveFill>.
    • Added the possibility to set a global background texture to the rendered map through the SLD extension <Background>.
    • Added Overlay, Multiply, Normal and HighTone blending modes between layers in Symbolizers through the XML tag <BlendingMode>.
    • Enable animation of Raster Symbolizer + Tide simulation based on a DTM data, through the SE extensions <Animation> and <Tide>.

Version 1.7 (2015/10/19)

  • Students works : dot density analysis, measures of complexity of map.
  • Minkowski 2D operations (sum between two polygons A and B, subtraction of A and B with reference to the center of mass B, etc.)
  • Genetic algorithms (linear and nonlinear) of the least squares estimator
  • Polygons squaring by least squares compensation
  • A “lenses” plugin that can : show a more detailed view over a less detailed layer, view a portion of the raster layer over the vector one, etc.
  • OpenGL rendered 2D GUI added.
  • Probably last version using java 7

Version 1.6 (2014/01/23)

  • Added the EstIM model developed during the Jean-François Girres PhD, 2012.
  • The old GeOxygene 2D graphical interface and CartaGen merge
  • Added a new OSM module
  • Added editor, import and export style in GeOxygene 2D GUI

Version 1.5 (2013/01/07)

  • Added 3D module
  • Added semiology module
  • Added generalization module
  • Added data matching process using theory of Evidence
  • Adopted multi-module Maven architecture

Version 1.4 (2009/06/22)

  • Added an ISO1909 General Feature Model implementation. (cogit)
  • Added a SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor) implementation based on the OGC 02-070 implementation specification. (cogit)
  • Added an Hibernate support. (cogit)
  • Added a first version of the new GeOxygene interface. (cogit)
  • Added some code examples to learn how to use the topological map and the data matching tool. (cogit)
  • Added a Java 6 support in regard to Java 6 specifications (types, annotations, etc.). (cogit)

Version 1.3 (2008/01/31)

  • Adding a data matching tool (a documentation about this tool is available). (cogit)
  • Adding a simple method to create minimal spanning trees. (cogit)
  • Adding a generator of DBMS tables and XML mapping files from Java classes. (cogit)
  • Improvement of the GeOxygeneReader methods to partially take into account the GM_Aggregate geometry type (useful to visualize data matching results). (cogit)

Version 1.2 (2007/08/08)

  • Adding geometric tools (angles, distances, shape indicators, vectors) (cogit)
  • Adding a topological map. (cogit)
  • Adding Delaunay’s triangulation support. (cogit)
  • Correction of some minor bugs. (cogit)

Version 1.1 (2006/06/12)

  • Compilation of the project without Oracle librairies is now possible. Some classes have been moved in the “datatools” package, calls to Oracle algorithms in GM_Object have been disabled and a new ant task named “compile-without-oracle” has been created. (abraun)
  • Improvment of the method GeoDatabase::loadAllFeatures for PostGIS (loading all the features contained in a geometry is now supported). (abraun)
  • PostGIS and Oracle can (and must) share the same XML mapping files. JDBC type is ‘STRUCT’ and the field conversion class is “fr.ign.cogit.geoxygene.datatools.ojb.GeomGeOxygene2Dbms”. Examples of mapping files have been modified. (abraun)
  • Support of Postgis 1.0.x ! Compatibility with the previous versions of PostGIS is broken. (tbadard, abraun)
  • Generation of primary key column “COGITID” on geospatial tables in PostGIS is now possible (use the “Manage Data” item in the Console menu). (abraun)
  • Deletion of an explicit call to the TABLESPACE in the code of OracleSpatialQuery::spatialIndex. (abraun)
  • Correction of errors in the sql scripts for PostGIS. (abraun)
  • Correction of errors in the sql scripts for Oracle (since Oracle 10g, it is not possible to insert a null value in diminfo column of USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA). (abraun)
  • A problem in the ant build file has been fixed (images and property files were not copied in the class folder). (abraun)

Version 1.0 (released)

  • Initial release (tbadard)