Geoportal Extension for OpenLayers 3 API Reference

Class: Isocurve


Isocurve Control.

new Isocurve(options)

Ol3/Controls/Isocurve.js, line 68
Name Type Description
options Object

Isocurve control options

Name Type Default Description
apiKey String optional

API key for services call (isocurve and autocomplete services), mandatory if autoconf service has not been charged in advance

collapsed Boolean true optional

Specify if widget has to be collapsed (true) or not (false) on map loading. Default is true.

exclusions Object {toll : false, tunnel : false, bridge : false} optional

list of exclusions with status (true = checked). By default : no exclusions checked.

graphs Array ["Voiture", "Pieton"] optional

list of graph resources to be used for isocurve calculation, by default : ["Voiture", "Pieton"]. Possible values are "Voiture" and "Pieton". The first element is selected.

methods Array ["time", "distance"] optional

list of methods, by default : ["time", "distance"]. Possible values are "time" and "distance". The first element is selected by default.

directions Array ["departure", "arrival"] optional

list of directions to be displayed, by default : ["departure", "arrival"]. The first element is selected by default. Possible values are "departure" and "arrival".
Directions enable to specify if input location point will be used as a departure point ("departure") or as an arrival point ("arrival")

markerOpts Object optional

options to use your own marker. Default is a lightOrange marker.

Name Type Description
url String optional

marker base64 encoded url (ex "data:image/png;base64,...""). Mandatory for a custom marker

offset Array optional

Offsets in pixels used when positioning the overlay. The first element in the array is the horizontal offset. A positive value shifts the overlay right. The second element in the array is the vertical offset. A positive value shifts the overlay down. Default is [0, 0]. (see

isocurveOptions Object {} optional

isocurve service options. see Gp.Services.isoCurve() to know all isocurve options.

autocompleteOptions Object {} optional

autocomplete service options. see Gp.Services.autoComplete() to know all autocomplete options

var iso = ol.control.Isocurve({
     collapsed : false
     methods : ["time", "distance"],
     exclusions : {
        toll : true,
        bridge : false,
        tunnel : true
     graphs : ["Pieton", "Voiture"],
     markerOpts : {
         url : "...",
         offset : [0,0]
     isocurveOptions : {},
     autocompleteOptions : {}


  • ol.control.Control



{Boolean} specify if isocurve control is collapsed (true) or not (false)



Ol3/Controls/Isocurve.js, line 127

Returns true if widget is collapsed (minimized), false otherwise

- true if widget is collapsed


Ol3/Controls/Isocurve.js, line 157

Get vector layer where Isocurve geometry is drawn

- ol.layer.Vector isocurve layer


Ol3/Controls/Isocurve.js, line 136

Collapse or display widget main container

Name Type Description
collapsed Boolean

True to collapse widget, False to display it


Ol3/Controls/Isocurve.js, line 166

Overwrite OpenLayers setMap method

Name Type Description
map ol.Map