Geoportal Resources Access API Reference

Namespace: SuggestedLocation



Single SuggestedLocation Object returned by underlying web service.
Each suggested location represents a street address ("StreetAddress") or a place name ("PositionOfInterest").

Name Type Description
type String

Suggested location type : "StreetAddress" ou "PositionOfInterest"

position Gp.Point

Position of the suggested location given in requested coordinates system.

commune String

Suggested municipality

fullText String

Full text representation of the suggested location.

postalCode String

Suggested location postcode

classification Integer

Number used to classify the importance of the place where is the suggested location from 1 (most important) to 7 (less important).

street String

Street name of the suggested location ("StreetAddress" only).

kind String

Nature of the suggested location : "prefecture", "monument", "commune", ... for instance ("PositionOfInterest" only).